Sweetest little Tortie kitten born in July or August 2019, rescued from a local kill shelter, Cleo came to us with a fractured jaw. Look at her perfect half-and-half face. Also showing off her gorgeous tail at her first vet visit. She is FABULOUS, very affectionate, happy-hearted and loving. FIV+. To know more about Cleo, call us at 804-467-6528 or email


Tulip – sweetheart, one eye blind

Tulip is a playful and not-needy lap kitty who enjoys the company of other nice kitties and companionship. She is blind in right eye which makes her cautious until she is familiar with her surroundings and people, but she has been through so much in her young two-year-old life that she deserves a gentle, empathetic home to start her new year off right. She has a very sweet temperament. Her two kittens went to their new homes before the holidays and now Mom is waiting for hers. She almost had a home for Christmas, but unfortunately that fell through. Now she is asking Santa for her forever loving home. To meet Tulip, contact us at 467-6528 or

Milky Way – CH Positive


Milkyway has a unique personality which makes her even more adorable. She is wobbly in her walk, but uses her litter box ,eats really well and is playful, affectionate, sweet and will lay right up against you when watching TV. She enjoys giving g herself a bath and also makes sure you get a few licks on your arm as well. Now she is also a great communicator voicing her opinion and a few soft pets will get her motor purring. She is wonderful companion and brings much joy and life into the household. Watch her in action on this Youtube video! To meet Milky Way call us at 804-467-6528 or email