Dr. Livingston

Dr. Livingston a stunning armful of fluffy love. He is a real talker, likes to be a part of what is going on in the household and affectionate companion. If you love both dogs and cats he is the boy for you. Talk to him he will talk back, look at him and he’ll look back. He has big personality and is where you are. To meet Dr. Livingston call 804-4676528 or email at cats@catscradle-richmond.org 

Steel – Russian Blue Mix


Wow! Look at this gorgeous, sleek as steel, plush fellow. He has an enormous, fluffy tail, big bright yellow eyes, and and even bigger, brighter personality.  Steel is very communicative, active, and interested in the whole world. Constantly on the move, so it is challenging to capture the magnificence that is STEEL in one still shot!!! He loves to play and interact with people. A really great and special cat. He is about two years old, neutered and up to date on shots.  To meet Steel, call us at 467-6528 or email us at cats@catscradle-richmond.org.



This boy loves to run around and carry krinkle balls in his mouth. He is a gentle one year old boy the sometimes will meow and purr. He is a joy to have and is fascinated by water dripping from the sink.  What a funny happy boy he is. Always up for an adventure.To meet Grant contact us at cats@catscradle-richmond.org or call Sue at 804-467-6528.


Kay Kay


OH MY look at this gorgeous girl!!! Kay Kay is a dark calico with luxurious long fur. When her owners moved they left her behind with only a garage for shelter and no steady source of food. She eventually made her way to a neighbor’s house, that was some distance away, who helped her find temporary placement. She is looking for a permanent home with someone who will never abandon her again. She has to be the only pet in the household since she is very scared of other animals after being outside on her own. Regardless of the people she trusted abandoning her, she has a love for people and would make a wonderful loving companion for someone.  To meet Kay Kay contact us at cats@catscradle-richmond.org


Carly is a beautiful pastel calico, almost 4 years old, with a perfectly designed peach stripe running down the middle of her face.  This lovely girl once had a home but sadly, through no fault of her own, became homeless. She is very playful and loves to chase a laser pointer and other toys. Though not a lap cat, she does enjoy being with people and being petted. She gets along great with other cats and is just a very nice, gentle girl. 

To meet Carly contact us at cats@catscradle-richmond.org


Paisley is a beautifully marked calico about 1 1/2 years old. She’ll frequent your lap often for petting and is fairly talkative. Just a fun girl to have around! Paisley was a great mom to her 4 kittens that were all adopted, but she’s still awaiting her forever home. Paisley is not a big fan of other cats and would prefer to be the only cat in the household, but could potentially live with one other calm or older cat in spacious surroundings. To meet Paisley, contact us at cats@catscradle-richmond.org.


Lily is 2 years old and is mostly white with gray markings.  Believe it or not this sweet young girl has had kittens of her own. She was a wonderful mother, but is now ready for her own home. Although still young herself and very playful, Lily is as sweet as sugar. She loves to curl her petite frame up on your lap and lay there purring for as long as you’re willing to sit. She gets along well, and enjoys playing with, other cats.  She also loves playing with toys.  This is a cat not to be missed! To meet Lily, contact us at cats@catscradle-richmond.org.




Meet Willow! She is a sweet playful two year old girl that would like to be the only kitty and get all of the attention. Willow is best in an adult household with no other pets or children. For such a young kitty she has already lost two of her living situations and is being fostered with a caring couple until she finds her forever home. If you are interested in giving this beauty a wonderful home then please contact us to find out more about our calico girl.  Spayed and up to date on shots, contact us at cats@catscradle-richmond.org or call 467-6528.


Gorgeous long hair young female calico.  Sweet, amiable personality.  Up to date, neg/neg and spayed. Please call or email us at 804-467-6528; cats@catscradle-richmond.org