Russo was left behind to fend for himself outside when his owners moved away. Kind neighbors ultimately took him in as a foster. As you can see, Russo is physically magnificent. He would love to be an indoor/outdoor cat away from busy streets, and would also enjoy being a barn cat as long as he also had someone to provide him with food, water, and a warm, dry, safe place for him to escape bad weather. Russo is a very good cat, but due to his almost complete independence while living outdoors for years, he’s a bit on the spirited side, which is understandable. He likes being kissed on the head, likes to rub up against you, enjoys a few pets at a time, but doesn’t like being picked up. He tends to trust men more than women, and one former neighbor believes he was abused at some point in his life by his owner’s mother, who lived at their house for a short time. Russo is fully vaccinated, neutered and neg/neg. To meet this big handsome boy, contact us at or call 804-467-6528.