Donations have been made to Cat’s Cradle:

From Mickey and Charlie Price

  • In loving memory of Dante the wonderful blind kitty rescued from a hoarding situation, who passed away in February at the ripe old age of 11  years. “He was the love of our life … and we miss him terribly.”

From Wendi Steele

  • In memory of Lucky Martin, a fantastic companion and watch cat on the block. Lucky would greet Mr. Martin every day when he came home, and was loved very much by his family as well as the whole northside neighborhood where he lived.

From Ed and Candy Lilly

  • In memoroy of Harvey Sobel

From Lisa Hearl

  • In honor of Gloria and Joy

From Barbara Carter

  • In loving memory of my parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.W.P. Carter and my beloved kitty, Kasey. Also in honor of my sweet kitty Missy.

From Sue McClain and Dana Cole

Many thanks for the very wonderful holiday donation made in December 2016 to Cat’s Cradle by Sue Ellen McClain and Dana Cole in honor of their good friends:

  • Lee Chase
  • Linda and Bill Davidson
  • Barbara Goehle
  • Ken & Olivia MacDonald
  • Mark Rowe
  • Cheryl Rudd

In honor of Betty Oliver for Christmas 2016

  • By her friend, Judith Clarke